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  Gebel es-Silsila
  Kawa (Gem-Aten)






Akhmim was the center of the cult of the ithyphallic god Min. It was located on the east bank of the Nile just to the north of Abydos in Upper Egypt. Queen Tiye, mother of Akhenaten, was probably born there, as both of her parents held important positions in the cult of Min. She had extensive estates nearby, and Ay, probably her brother, built a chapel there for the family god.

Extensive necropolises at Akhmim date from the Sixth Dynasty until the Ptolomaic Period. Linen weaving was an important industry.

Today it is in the Sawhaj muhafazah (government) in Upper Egypt, on the East Bank of the Nile just above Sawhaj, between Asyut and Jirja on the West Bank. In pharaonic times it was called Khent-min, Khmin in Coptic. During the Ptolomaic period it was called Chemmis and was the capital of the Ninth (Chemmite) nome. In Hellenistic times, Min being associated with Pan, it was called Panopolis.

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